That’s a wrap!

I’ve folded the paper, stuck tape on it, tied it up in a bow and stashed it away until Christmas.  Presents aren’t the only things being wrapped up at this time of year, however.  I am writing this last blog post in lieu of my Writing 110 class coming to a close very soon.

Since I have been writing from a very early age and have already been exposed to intense grammatical and writing study, I can’t say I learned an immense amount from this class, but one can always learn more.  I learned how to improve my narratives most.  I like to try to make my writing interesting, especially since I usually write boring research papers.  Starting with an amusing story, I find, catches readers more than stating boring facts.  The improvement of this skill has helped me with boring research writing and the occasional fun assignment (like the narrative paper).

I have and always will struggle with research papers.  Maybe it is because I perceive them as being so boring and tedious.  When writing one, I have to be so careful to have formal grammar, and am ever watchful of breaking plagiarism rules.  I don’t enjoy them unless I can put my own creative twist on them.  For my research paper I chose to answer whether stereotypes of the Irish were true depictions of those from Ireland.  It was more fun because it wasn’t your serious, typical research paper.  If I can find some small way to twist my projects to be more fun, I might not struggle as much with research papers.

Creativity is something I love, so narratives are something I greatly enjoy.  Boring research papers are my least favorite assignments.


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