Writing writing everywhere, but not a word to read

Actually, I’ll probably be doing a lot of both, but the title sounded cool, and I finally know where the original version of the quote comes from  thanks to British Literature class.  Anyways, I am digressing before I even get started.  That is what I do when I write, though; I get so lost in writing because there are so many things to say and so many ways to say them.

Writing has and will always be a part of my life because I can find the best ways to express myself through this medium.  If I need to say something hard, my voice is usually the one to fail, and my fingers, making words, are able to come up with beautiful meaning.  I will always use the written word to benefit my every day life.  My instant messages to friends, journals, and birthday cards will always be worded eloquently, because I enjoy being able to express my true opinions and thoughts through words.

As far as professional writing careers go, I don’t think I would ever write professionally.  Writing will always be a part of me, and I love it, but I feel like I won’t take it up as a career.  Part of me says it is because I wouldn’t be good enough and don’t have enough imagination.  Another part of me says I’ll just get bored, and even though I love it, I don’t love it that much.  I’ll always be writing and trying to find the best ways to express my thought (hey, I might even keep up a blog for fun) but I think I shall stick to video work as a career path.  Unless, of course, I decide to write a film script, then I shall be proven totally wrong!


6 thoughts on “Writing writing everywhere, but not a word to read

  1. It is great that you love to write regardless of what you are writing. From what I can tell quite a few people like to write only in a certain way or on a particular topic, myself included. I have met few people who merely like the act of writing itself and those who do tend to be quite good at it. So I think writing might be something you should consider doing in the future.


  2. I totally relate to getting lost in writing! When I write something important to me, I end up writing whatever comes to my mind about the subject. Writing is a great way to express yourself. I can definitely see it being my primary source of expression as well.


  3. I get lost in my writing a lot too! I think I’m doing so well and then I read it back and find that I just rambled on for a paragraph. I will also never write professionally, but I will be doing a fair bit of writing for my career. I think that most careers will have a good bit of writing to go along with it, but it’s good to have decent writing skills regardless. Writing is how you portray yourself to people who don’t know you, and it’s important to be able to represent yourself well.


  4. I think you should definitely keep up your blog! Just as something fun to do in the middle of constantly stressing out about college and homework! And just do it because you like to write! It’s something not everyone has a love for and if you do it shouldn’t be wasted.


  5. I feel the same way about getting lost. When faced with certain topics that I can relate to I sometimes struggle to get my thoughts down in a way that makes sense in my head. It is awesome that you have a great vocabulary and are able to piece together intriguing sentences; being able to master that craft is something I have been working on throughout my schooling.


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