Sports and God

Dear Dave Deckard,

I have read your article on “Tim Tebow, Luke Babbitt, and the Expression of Faith in Sports”, and I tend to disagree with you on most counts.  Specifically, I see flaws with your concern that a sign to God during a game can have detrimental results.  Through your writing, I see a greater issue that has been troubling society.

You said that speaking of their faith during an interview, or when a question is posed to the players about it is fine, but when the game starts, they should keep it in their heart and mind instead.  Since, as you admitted, their intentions of the likes of Tebow and Babbitt are probably pure, why should they be required to keep silent for the “benefit” of others?  As Christians, we are not meant to hide our faith (as if in shame), but to be public, and this is the way that a few players decided to carry out their faith.  I don’t think they are saying, “God will help me win”, or “God is only on my side”, but rather, “God is here!”  and there is nothing wrong with that message.  It is wrong, so says society, because it offends people with different opinions about religion.  What is wrong in my opinion are the people trying to shut Christians up and shut Christianity down.  That is persecution at its finest, and not exactly following our roots of “freedom of religion”.  If a simple gesture proclaiming the opinion that God exists causes so much of an issue, I think it is society’s problem, not Tebow’s.  Christians, by law, can practice freedom of religion; Christians, by faith, should not be afraid to show their religion, therefore a simple act should not get everyone all riled up.  What should get people riled up is the fact that so many wish to take these players right to be able to express their religion, away.  We should be afraid of the silence, because when religions are silenced, they are no longer free.

Lastly, I’d like to point out the fact that you are censoring out most of the comments opposed to your opinion on your article page.  They raised some discussions, that, true, may have turned to arguments, but is the silence you caused really worth it?  Is taking away our right to speak, our right to show our religion, and our right to have a different opinion really worth trying to take away the conflict? All I see in your arguments is that you are afraid of the conflict that follows religion. I, for one, rather have conflict and my freedom, than peace and no rights.


6 thoughts on “Sports and God

  1. I agree with you that just because some athletes make religious gestures during celebration and that these gestures offend some people does not merit prohibiting religious gestures. I also believe prohibiting religious gestures is restricting the right to free speech. If we were to prohibit anything that might be offensive to some people we would be left with very little that can be spoken if anything at all.


  2. I agree with what your saying about the detrimental effects of the actions. At this point almost all gestures you make will offend someone so doing something with the purpose of promoting your God should not be so attacked by other Christians.


  3. I like how you talk about society trying to keep Christians quiet. If people were open and respectful of everyone, we wouldn’t be sharing our opinions on this topic. I believe there are bigger problems out there than discussing the way someone celebrates and acknowledges their faith in a sporting event. I liked how you stood up for what you believe.


  4. Your post was really interesting to read and there were many sentences that stood out to me. Your last statement was really powerful and well written. I agree that the author isn’t very good about expressing his ideas, he seems to be trying to be objective but it doesn’t really work for him. Also, your point of how religion shouldn’t be silenced is very good because religions or beliefs shouldn’t be silenced. We all have a voice that we can use to express our likes and dislikes. I am happy that you are not afraid to say what is on your mind and that you are using your voice through this blog to talk about those ideas. Even those who don’t have a religion or don’t believe in a God, deserve the right to speak out rather than having to go with what others want.


  5. I think that people should make an issue about an athlete showing his faith out on the field. As a Christian i like to athletes honoring God. I also think that it is important to not boast and they should show their thanks without making a huge deal about it.


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