Stupid or Progress?

This article is actually quite familiar to me.  In a different writing class at a different college, we were assigned to read this article and write a research paper on the subject.  Apparently there is a trend with writing classes and this subject.

Anyways, I still stand by what I said a few years ago on this subject.  Google isn’t the thing that is making us stupid.  The web is changing us, but different isn’t always bad.  The article even mentioned the irony of Socrates complaining about the written word because we would lose our great power of memory.  In his time, people were able to recite from memory stories that would be hundreds of pages long in print.  True, we have lost that ability, but we have gained more universal sharing of information and ideas.  The web may lesson our attention span, but where would we be today without it?  You wouldn’t be able to see this blog post unless I showed you my thoughts in writing in person.  I might not have even been able to find “Is Google Making Us Stupid” because I would have to obtain a paper copy.  And can you imagine registering for this class if we all had to stand in line instead of just taking a few clicks on  The web has brought great convenience to the world, and has helped to spread knowledge even further than books could.  I love books, and I love the nostalgia of sitting and reading Jane Eyre or Pride and Prejudice for hours, but it doesn’t mean there are no benefits to the new web.  Humans adapt, and this is the next stage of humanity.

It was rather ironic, though, that Carr is complaining how we have no patience to read long web articles and he decides to write a long web article on the fact.


5 thoughts on “Stupid or Progress?

  1. Interestingly, my roommate also had to write a paper on this subject in a previous class. When I explained the article I was reading she jumped in with her own comments and it lead to an interesting discussion. I enjoyed how you considered the topic to be among this constant change that is occurring. And how, like from memory to print, this transition from print to web has both positive and negative effects.


  2. Your post remind me a fact that we have so many communication tools right now so we hardly write any letters now. And I think that some of us have lost the ability to write letters in our generation. I suppose that this is a similar situation like the Google phenomenon. It brings us something and we lose something. And I like your last sentence! It is a good point.!


  3. I do think that google and the internet in general does make us better off as a world. I think it does make sharing info much easier and this I believe in the end makes us much smarter, but at the same time I see it making us lazy which I think could also spark a problem Good Blog overall though!


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